What is MFC?

What is
My Freedom Coin?

MFC is a Revolutionary, Fast Growing, First-Of-Its-Kind, Decentralized Ecosystem.

MFC is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Platform, built upon the secure and transparent Blockchain called Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).

Providing an easily accessible alternative to financial institutions across the globe. Blending the secure, transparent, and fast technology of Blockchain with the financial service industry. The MFC ecosystem minimizes the potential for negative volatility that is typical of the Crypto market, while creating stable growth.

MFC is both a Wallet, Bank and Exchange. Buy, sell, and collateralize your MFC coins.

How Does
It Work

MFC has a fixed supply of 7 billion coins released through a series of offerings. The funds accumulated through the MFC coin offerings are stored inside a Smart Contract on the BEP20 Network called the BUSD Treasury.

The Treasury accumulates and holds funds allowing it to buy back every single coin in circulation. This is what is called ‘The Floor’. The Floor refers to the absolute lowest price that the coin can be and it only goes up over time. Each new offering releases the coin at 2x of the Floor Price, bringing the price of The Floor to a higher valuation.

My Freedom
Collateral Loan

You will be able to take Collateralized Loans from the BUSD Treasury at Floor Value, at a 0.98% monthly interest rate using your MFC Coins. You will be charged a one time 0.5% Loan Processing Fee which contributes to the maintenance, security, updates, business development, audits, etc. The interest generated will go out of circulation, increasing the Floor Value. Upon full payment of the loan, the collateralized MFC will be released to the Member.

My Freedom
P2P Exchange

Every MFC transaction will have a 2% Transaction Fee, which will be charged to the buyer and seller. For example, buying $100 worth of MFC, you would receive $98 worth in MFC. Also, selling $100 worth of MFC, you would receive $98 in BUSD.

The 2% charged to the seller in BUSD contributes to the maintenance, security, updates, business development, audits, etc.

The 2% charged to the buyer in MFC is taken out of circulation, increasing the Floor Value.

My Freedom
Peer to Peer

As MFC is a true store of value asset that is crash proof, users can send MFC to eachother as forms of payment.

By conducting Peer to Peer transactions, users are benefiting the entire community by paying a 0.5% transaction fee which goes out of circulation and increases the value of every holders MFC.

My Freedom

MFC is an Invite only ecosystem, you are only able to join if an existing member invites you.

When you would like to trade on the Exchange, you will be charged a “Trading License” fee.

The Trading License is $0 for the first 10,000 holders and will grow by $5 for every new 10,000 holders, until reaching $50 license fee (100,000 holders).

This is used to incentivize the Members to grow the ecosystem in a SUSTAINABLE Community Program.


Members can choose not to partake in the Community Program and become a HODLer. A HODLer is not obligated to pay the $50 and will only need to do so when buying or selling MFC on the Exchange.

MFC Demand

From the 100% Trading License, 90% is used in the Community Program, the remaining 10% per member is used to create a guaranteed monthly demand, further valuing the MFC Coins. The MFC Coins purchased by this demand will be taken out of circulation, increasing the Floor Value.


All proceeds of the MFC platform (i.e. Loan Interest, Buyback, and Transaction Fees) are charged in MFC and taken out of circulation.

Since the Floor Value is the amount of BUSD in the Treasury divided by the Circulating MFC, the Floor Value increases with every transaction.

The MFC taken out of circulation will be added to future Coin Offerings.

MFC is a platform where all transactions contribute to the appreciation of the Coin, benefiting all MFC holders, providing a fair balance to the current inequality of the world economy, contrary to current financial institutions where all proceeds benefits a few at the expense of the community, making MFC the perfect option for everyone around the world to gain financial freedom.
  • Revolutionary
  • Fast Growing
  • Fair & Secure
  • Transparent
  • Minimizing negative volatility, while creating growth Ecosystem benefits all equally
  • Ecosystem benefits all equally

Download MFC now and have your financial freedom where ever you go!